By renting a bed, you become a member of the Marquette Community Gardens (MCG)! We like to put a special emphasis on COMMUNITY. Aside from growing your own vegetables and maintaining your space, you are part owner of the gardens. It takes everyone pitching in individually and together to make the gardens a functional and welcoming space for all its members. New ideas, lending a helping hand and problem solving are greatly appreciated! 


  • Where is the community garden? There are two MCG sites: the Park Cemetery garden is located between the Marquette Fit Strip and the Park Cemetery and the Presque Isle garden is located behind the Moosewood Nature Center at Presque Isle Park. 

  • Who is allowed to garden at the community garden? Only residents of the City of Marquette may rent garden beds (one bed per household). 

  • How is the MCG governed? The MCG board of directors is an all volunteer governing body that puts extra time and effort into sustaining and improving the MCG for its membership. The Board makes day-to-day decisions, such as setting work days, planning site upgrades, purchasing and maintaining shared tools, enforcing rules, settling disputes, and overseeing administrative functions. The next time you see a board member, give them a pat on the back! 

  • How long has the garden been in existence? The MCG began in 2003. 

  • How is the group/garden connected to the City of Marquette? The MCG is a stand-alone organization that operates under the umbrella of the City of Marquette. The City provides use of land, water and acts as the fiscal agent. These services are provided free of charge. 

  • Who determines the rental fees and how are they used? The MCG Board of Directors determines rental fees. All fees are used for site improvements, tools, community events and administrative costs. 

  • In addition to paying my rental fee, do I have other responsibilities? Yes. MCG members must adhere to the rules as set in the bylaws. Please make sure to read them! Members must attend and work at least 2 full scheduled work sessions per season, plant beds by June 15, remove plants the day before the last work session of the season, and keep beds weed-free and pathways around beds weed-free and unobstructed. If your bed is not planted by June 15th, it will be rented to someone on the waiting list. If you fail  to maintain your bed, attend work days, and/or end-of-season clean out, you will lose the ability to re-rent your bed the next year.

  • When do the work sessions take place? Can I just do it on my own? The work is completed during scheduled volunteer workdays. Please refer to the calendar on the website for the dates of the work sessions. 

  • What if I cannot fulfill my work sessions or otherwise complete my responsibilities? You will not be allowed to renew your garden bed for the following year. 

  • How will I know about these rules? Please review the MCG bylaws and rental agreement on the website. The MCG rules have been established to avoid conflicts and provide guidelines for gardeners. The rules don't cover all situations and the Board will make adjustments when necessary. 

  • May I use pesticides on my garden? Under no circumstances may MCG members use any chemical insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other such products to prevent or control infestations of bugs, fungi or weeds. If you have bug problems, talk to other gardeners; seek out advice. There are plenty of organic methods for controlling insects or other diseases. Check out the resources tab.

  • So is the Marquette Community Garden an organic garden? Yes and no. The garden is not certified organic, but we promote and encourage organic gardening practices. We encourage the use of organic fertilizers. We provide composted manure as well as sifted compost. 

  • How often am I expected to weed? As often as needed to keep your bed and path around your bed weed-free. Done cooperatively with garden bed neighbors, paths will be nicely maintained. If your plants and weeds get out of hand, expect a call from the "weed police." Not only do we want the garden to look nice, we want to prevent weeds from spreading. You will not be able to re-rent your bed for the following year if you do not follow the directions of the “weed police.”  

  • Can I change the dimension of garden bed in any way? No. If you choose to enclose your bed with wood or a border, you must get permission from the board first. 

  • Who do I contact?  Contact us at

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